Wool Hospital or Healthcare Blanket | Twin 62" x 84"

We are elated to introduce our Luxurious 40%-70% Partial Wool Blankets in Grey (the 40%-70% is wool and the other fabric is polyester for durability since wool is so soft and gentle). This health care or personal blanket is comfortable warmth. Furthermore, these versatile blankets strike a balance between insulation and breathability, ensuring year-round comfort These aforementioned are 62"x 84" which are great for lazy nights and strong enough to endure the outdoors. Woll is inherently soft, durable, as was as keeping the user warm. If these blankets are cared for well, these can last for many years. Can be used in layers in your bed and in healthcare as well as hospitality industries. The classic grey pattern is given a touch of contemporary flair by the inclusion of a faint blue stripe, which makes this a versatile and fashionable complement to any living room.

  • Twin
  • 40% to 70% Wool | 60% to 30% Polyester
  • 62" x 84"
  • Grey
  • Volume Pricing Available