About us

Our family business was started in 1928 that catered to the dry cleaning industry.  We then diversified into the textile rental business in the mid 70’s.  The new era of business has caused diversification into this eCommerce sector and we have made an impact in this industry.

We cater to the hospitality, healthcare, food & beverage, and industrial textiles. Our manufacturers have warehouses across the United States and worldwide production sites to ensure the best possible product at the lowest cost for the end user. Once your order the products an auto generated order form is instantly created to get the ball rolling on the purchase of your products.

Textiles Depot offers a wide variety of products from economy to fine textiles to service the needs of the customers no matter what you're looking for.

Our robust inventory includes hundreds of millions of dollars of products at hand ensures that you get what you want when you want the product.

We allow you to order samples for lots of our products to ensure you like a "test order" before ordering in bulk and trying out the textile for maximum customer satisfaction.

Online ordering allows you to see and track your order without with the click of a mouse and keeps you in the loop with the processing of the order.

Our support can be reached via telephone, contact form or info@textilesdepot.com and constantly so you get the answers to the questions that you have in a timely manner.