FAQ - Textiles Depot Family Owned Business


  • When will I receive my order?
    • This can vary by size and location of the warehouse across the United States. We typically ship orders in 1-3 business days then the order arrives in 1-5 days via Freight or UPS.
  • Do we ship outside of the United States?
    • We currently only ship in the US
  • Why does this seem like I’m paying quite a bit for shipping?
    • We ship by weight and distance from you. Textiles can be heavy items and are expensive to ship especially in these times.


  • Can we get samples of items?
    • Some items you can get samples of. ADI we don’t offer samples for currently, but they are one of our main vendors and have excellent products that industrial laundries frequently use and we recommend their products strongly
  • Do we only sell to businesses?
    • We sell to businesses and individuals who are looking for quality textiles.


  • Can you make an account?
    • Create an account in our system to access the functions of this
  • Do we charge sales tax?
    • We’re required to charge sales tax only in Texas!


  • Where are your products made?
    • They are made all over the world
  • What metrics are your products measured in?
    • Inches and pounds typically