Spun Polyester Colored Napkins

Our top-of-the-line polyester napkins are part of Pinnacle's table napery and are crafted with 100% Murata Vortex Spun (MVS) fiber, resulting in an exceptionally soft touch without the need for brushing or shedding. The MVS yarn also allows for superior starch acceptance and true color retention, making this a preferred choice among Industrial Launderers and Restaurants for the long-lasting durability and high ROI. The brand always includes Soil Release treatment, and these 20” x 20” napkins feature an elegant, finished edge. With an ever-growing range of vibrant colors, our customers admire my Infinity collection.

  •  Murata Vortex Spun (MVS) Fiber
  • 6.8 Ounce Fabric
  • 12 Packs or Case Pack of 300
  • Heavy
  • Hemmed
  • Soil Release for Commercial or Home Wash
  • 100% Spun Polyester - "Soft to the Touch"
  • Don't Have a Full Swatch Yet!
    • Lava Looks Like a Fuzzy TV
    • Lilac is a deep purple
    • Sandalwood Is like a brown woven basket
    • The other's if confused, please use a quick internet search :)
    • Recommend buying a 12 pack first or request a sample at info@textilesdepot.com if you're going to buy in bulk (300+)