Colored Napkins | Riegel Premier Solids 20" x 20"

Discover the Riegel Premier Napkins 20" x 20" the best decision you'll make for spun polyester products. These 100% spun polyester napkins are as soft as cotton and as tough as nails. Furthermore, there's an extensive number of colors of this 20" x 20" well-crafted piece of napery. Riegel | 1Concier have been doing this a long time and are in restaurants, country clubs and kitchens across the USA with their colorful napkins.  Their excellent color retention and absorption, superior stain release, and resistance to snagging as well as low/no lent make this a great choice for your establishment. Snag a sample or buy a case today!

  • Colored Napkins - Swatch Available
  • 20" x 20"
  • Samples Available
  • Industrial/Commercial Laundry Friendly 
  • Longevity (should last 200+ industrial washes)
  • 7.2 Ounces Per Square Yard = Heavy = Long Lifespan