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The Protect Ease LUXURY Mattress Protector is composed out of a plush 100% Polyester Jacquard Stretch Knit with PU Laminate fabric that gives the person sleeping exceptional comfort and protection. The extra absorbent surface helps hinders liquids from transitioning to the floor.  This combination gives the end user long lasting protection for you and your mattress for waterproof protection that fights against spills as well as stains. This protector is zippered and gives protection from allergens, bed bugs and dust mites. This mattress protector is fully encased!

  • Durable Fabric 
  • Excellent Protection Provided
  • Premium EZ-Zipper is durable
  • Accommodates Mattresses up to 14" thick
  • Protects against bed bug entry
  • Fights allergens and dust mites
  • Protection against liquids
  • Machine wash and dry on low temperatures
  • Wash linens or towels with load for best results