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Milliken's Visa Plain Checkpoint is a casual yet  durable restaurant table linen fabric made of 100% Textured Polyester Filament Fabric.  This plain check pattern is sometimes referred to by people as "gingham check". Plain Checkpoint table linens are popular for Italian restaurants, pizzerias and picnics. Visa Plain Checkpoint fabric has all of the outstanding commercial grade characteristics as other Milliken Table Linen fabrics such as stain resistance, colorfastness and longevity. While generic brands may be less expensive initially, their low quality requires more maintenance and more frequent replacement. This makes Milliken's Checkpoint a better long-term investment. Many check pattern fabrics print the pattern on the top of the fabric only. In contrast, Milliken's Checkpoint is yarn-dyed throughout so the pattern is richly displayed on both sides of the fabric and these linens can be washed with whites.

  • 100% Textured Polyester Filament Fabric
  • Yarn-Dyed
  • Very little color wash down or fading
  • Can be washed with bleach
  • Great stain release
  • Quick drying
  • 6 oz per yard
  • Made in USA Fabric by Milliken and Company
  • World's Largest Fabric Maker
  • PC2020GRN ships in 2 -3 weeks