Blue Napkins | Restaurant

transition napkin is a type of table linen that helps bridging the gap between a placemat as well as a traditional napkin. They're typically larger than a standard napkin, measuring around 18" x 22" (which conveniently is the size of this napkin!). These napkins often feature a yarn-dyed stripe pattern that stays true to the original color even after multiple washes, including bleaching. They’re designed for softness, minimal linting, and shrinkage resistance. Milliken fabrics in general are knownfor color retention even after 200 getting beat up at high temperatures in commercial laundries.  Furthermore, these are known to be soft to the touch and comparable to cotton on texture. Buy a sample or a case today!

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  • Color Retention - Blue Napkin Longevity
  • Bridges Gap Between Placemat & Napkin
  • 18" x 22"
  • Vat Dyed
  • Minimal Lint
  • Commercial Laundry Friendly!