White, Brown, Green, Blue, Black, Gold, Yellow, Purple, Sage, Gold, Pink, Green Napkins & More

There's a tremendous amount of these products in inventory, and exceeds the limit of variants (100). First off these are 20"x 20" Milliken Signature® napkins that are made in the USA. These have excellent longevity (hundreds of industrial washes) and excellent quality. Furthermore, this is the most sold napkin fabric in the USA and also features ColorSeal™ propriety soil release technology so this is very much stain resistant! If you have a fine dining establishment and want some "eye popping napkins", then these are for you! If you didn't like the specialty colors on this list click hereto choose from in MIlliken Signature®.

Samples: To purchase a sample remember or write the four numbers to the left of the color you want.  Click Choose Pack Size and click Buy Sample. Then at checkout where the box says first name Put your first name and then the 4 letters of the color you want after your first name like this: i.e. David 4301 then continue with checkout. 

Purchasing:  FYI Special B is on two pages. To buy find the four digits next to the color and write on paper this number. Click Choose Pack Size and you'll notice ABCDE click on what letter that your four-digit number is in. Continue to checkout and after your first name type in the 4 digits like this David 1234 and then continue with checkout and you'll buy 25 dozen (300 Units) of that color.