Premium Honeycomb Waffle Robes | Kimono Style

Ships in 1-3 business days. Bulk Hotel Waffle Weave Kimono Bath Robes are made extremely well with 100% ringspun cotton flat weave. These are breathable and light weight for easy laundering (not talking about money laundering) Haha.  Custom embroidery is optional for this item with some minimal requirements of 300 Units or more. These unique unisex lightweight robes are best suited for warmer semi or tropical climates as they are very light. Available options include 100% Cotton Waffle Weave Pique as well as 60% Cotton & 40% Polyester Composition Waffle Weave Pique fabric.

  • Email for bulk discounts and/or embroidery.
  • 48" x 30"
  • Idea for Tropical Hotels & Spas Standard
  • Comes With Belt & Replacement Belts Available
  • White