Fancy Napkins | 100% Extra Long Staple Cotton Linea Roma Granite & Partridge Eye Border Mercerized 2 Ply Yarn Napkins

Constructed meticulously out of 100% Long Staple Cotton which doesn't get much better than that. Furthermore, has 2 ply yarn featured which is stronger than cheaper alternatives and increases the lifespan of these textiles. These napkins have been mercerized which means the fabric stays stronger and more durable longer. Volume discounts available.  In addition, features a Partridge Eye Border which can be seen in the second photo below! If you want the Bugati, of napkins, look no further than this line. These napkins are tricked out and mean serious business. Would recommend buying a sample before purchasing larger quantities!

  • Partridge Eye Border - Luxury
  • 22" x 22" - Excellent Size
  • 2 Ply Yarn - Holds Strong
  • Multiple Colors
  • 4 Side Hem - Longevity