Green Table Linen & White, Black, Brown, Blue, Ivory, Green & Red | 54"x 120"

Choose from a variety of colors for these 54" x 120" Green Table Linens, available in White, Black, Brown, Blue, Ivory, Green, and Red. Made with 100% 2 Ply MJS Polyester, these table linens have been scientifically designed to withstand repeated industrial and home washings while maintaining exceptional retentiveness, making them perfect for spills and messy eaters. Our spun polyester has been tested for durability and can withstand 300+ washings without fading, ensuring optimal results even after continued use. This colorful series of linens also offers high absorption, making it the ideal choice for any occasion.

  • Spun Polyester - Longevity
  • 7.3 Ounce Fabric
  • 29 Pounds/Dz
  • Commercial Laundry Tested & Certified