100% Cotton Momie Linen Napkins | Luxury

Ships out same business day or next. Cotton Momie Linen Napkins are composed out of 100% Cotton White Momie Cloth. Comes as napkins as well as tablecloths in various sizes. These Cotton Momie Linen Napkins are made of 100% pure white, high-quality cotton Momie Cloth, providing a clean and elegant touch to any table setting. Bulk discounts for large purchases. They are available as both napkins and tablecloths in a variety of sizes to fit your needs perfectly. These are the Cadillac of napkins for high end resorts, hotels, bougee restaurants, and banquets. Snag a sample or case today!

  • 180 Grams Per Square Meter For Napkin!
  • Elegant | Luxurious
  • Strong & Long Life-Span (customers have used the same napkins/tablecloths for several years)
  • 100% Cotton Napkins
  • Industrial Laundry Friendly