White Napkins, Partridge Eye 4 Side Hem, Satin Band White, & Satin Band Black Napkins

  1. Please purchase a sample before making a larger purchase | 10x10 Partridge Eye 4 Side Hem Cocktail Napkin (White): Elevate your table setting with our 10x10 Partridge Eye cocktail napkins. Crafted from soft 100% pure combed cotton, these hemstitched napkins feature mitered corners for a polished look. Perfect for weddings, dinner parties, or everyday use, they become even softer with each wash. Pair them with our tablecloths or placemats for a complete dining experience. A classic choice for any occasion!
  2. 10x10 Satin Band Cocktail Napkin (White): Our 10x10 white satin band cocktail napkins add elegance to your gatherings. Made from high-quality cotton, these square napkins feature a subtle satin band detail. Whether this is a special event or a casual get-together, these napkins enhance your table decor. Easy to care for, they’re machine washable and maintain their softness over time.

  3. 10x10 Satin Band Cocktail Napkin (Black): Make a statement with our 10x10 black satin band cocktail napkins. The sleek satin band adds sophistication to any setting. Crafted from durable cotton, these napkins are perfect for restaurants, parties, or home use. Machine washable and easy to maintain, they’re a stylish choice for your next event.