White Napkins 100% Mercerized Momie Cotton Bulk | 600 Units

Ships same day or next business day.These are the least expensive quality white mercerized napkins that are 100% Momie Cotton that you're going to find out there! These are affordable and classy at the same instance. Furthermore, mercerized means that the product's luster has increased, makes the product stronger and more absorbent! This product is stain and soil resistant which is an excellent value add for the hospitality industry! Weighing at 1.5 Pounds Per Dozen and is 6.3 Ounces Per Square Yard these are sure to hold up well and have longevity. These are great for restaurants, people on a budget, and banquets.  They are the Swiss Army Knives of napkins! Furthermore, this product is safe for commercial laundries or home wash. Doesn't get much better than this! Momie napkins are made from high-quality durable cotton that can be industrial washed 100's of times and hold up. Try out a sample or a case today! For purchases over $5000, email info@textilesdepot.com!

  • 100% Momie Cotton
  • 21" x 21"
  • Mercerized
  • Absorbent
  • Budget Friendly
  • Ready To Be Used