27.5 x 20 Comfort Style Dignity Napkins | Beige & Navy

Experience elevated dining with our luxurious and sophisticated beige Comfort Style Beige Dignity Polyester Napkins. Made from 100% spun polyester, these napkins are both durable and carry out their purpose well. With an adjustable snap closure and angled neckline, they provide a comfortable and sleek fit around the neck. Available in a soothing beige color and measuring 27-½ x 20 inches, these napkins are ideal for any table setting. Choose from a variety of colors, including Navy and Burgundy (and more upon request

  • Single Sign Fits Most
  • Have Other Colors Available Beige/Navy
  • Composed of 100% Spun Poly Which Means Industrial Laundry Friendly!
  • This helps people which is why Textiles Depot is in business.