Linen Napkins Bulk | 21" x 21", Satin Band Napkins, Momie Cotton, Mercerized & White

Have fun trying to find a napkin that hits these standards. These are some of the nicest napkins on the site. These are lightweight and absorbent due the momie cotton. An elegant satin band is ideal for classy establishments, like fine restaurants, banquets, or country clubs.  These elegant napkins are mercerized which means these have been treated for strength, longevity and durability.  Furthermore, these can be washed in an industrial/commercial laundry or home washed. During photography, put these near multiple color surfaces so the satin band and quality fabric will show! Bulk Discounts Available!

  • Mercerized = Longevity
  • Industrial Laundry Safe
  • Satin Band
  • Momie Cottin
  • Fine Dining Establishments
  • Samples Available!