Hospital Smock, 3/4 Sleeve, Royal Blue, Unisex & Colored Buttons

This is an excellent garment for lots of professionals al this is short sleeve, and you can move around more agile. Twin lower pockets allow ease of use for personal or work-related devices. The buttons on the front match the color of the hospital smock giving this a good-looking theme. At 4.5 Ounces Per Square Yard, this is a very lightweight and breathable garment to have. Lots of healthcare professionals choose to wear these and can be purchased in bulk on the site as well as samples. This smock features a nice collar for a professional look and stands out with a blue which is a "trusting" color which is why companies like Facebook and PayPal use blue to build trust just like a doctor with a patient! Sorry for the ramble, but this would work well for lots of professionals so please grab a sample or a bulk case today!

  • Zipper Front
  • Collar - Professional Attire
  • 4.5 OZ/SQ YD - Lightweight
  • Royal Blue Smock