Bulk Napkins MagicSpun Polyester

Ships in 1-3 business days. Looking for durable and high-quality napkins? Made with 100% Spun Polyester 2 Ply MJS Double Yarn, these premium napkins come in a variety of vibrant colors. With the ability to withstand several hundred washings this polyester is the perfect choice for durability and comfort. Plus, the napkin's superior absorbability makes this even more practical than traditional polyester napkins. Upgrade your dining experience with these bulk napkins today. This is one of the most popular napkins! 

  • Spun Poly Strong Fabric
  • Heavier Grain
  • Soft To The Touch
  • 7.3 Ounce / Square Yard
  • Repels & Absorbs
  • Samples Provided Or Buy In Bulk