Black & White Round Table Cloth | 90" Bulk

Indulge in a luxurious dining experience with our Heirloom Manor 90 Inch Round Tablecloths. Made from 100% polyester with soil release, these bulk tablecloths are designed to last and add an elegant touch to any setting. Elevate your dining with the superior construction and stylish design of these exquisite round tablecloths. These are made out of 100% Spun Polyester which the fabric is twisted and not only made stronger, but softer than cotton and can last for over 300+ Industrial Washes. Yes, this fabric has been tested by Linen Rental companies' giant washing machines. Buy in Bulk and save today!

  • Black Round Table Cloth 90" 
  • 100% Spun Poly
  • Soft Yet Tough as Nails!