1970 Household Rental

This is a potential rental household locatedat 1970 Edson in Beaumont, Texas. There are no showings of the house as this is a virtual only tour and no questions will be answered as the pertinent information is in here. If you would like the property, please email info@textilesdepot.com and say that you would like to rent the property for a year and the first person who puts the money in the account after this gets to rent the household, but the contents remain property of the owner (a smaller of the bedrooms is being used for climate controlled storage). The household comes with some furniture including a couch, chest of drawers, bar stools, and a dining room table and some personal items included in the household which may be moved to the garage in a gentle manner as the owner is needing to move out ASAP. Attached are images and videos that are showing the property. This household was remodeled in 2018 with new cabinets, granite, stove, fans, pvc flooring, new 30 year roof and other items. There is a large wall mirror that is located in the main room that appears for the space to look larger as you can notice in the panoramic photos which reccomend zooming in. The smallest of the bedrooms is being used for storage and the entire household is 1414 square feet. Some items in pictures will be moved, but wanted to capture what the household would look like as if someone was living in the unit. The household is a 3 bedroom 2 bath with one bedroom that is used for climate controlled storage and that may not be entered as previously mentioned.   The Agreement/Contract (there is no devil in the details) will be a single page or couple for a simple one year lease which is getting drafted and will be included on this post and should be on here by 4/26. The monthly rent is 2K to be deposited into a Stellar Bank Account. With a 2K for safety dep. and first and last months rent. So up front cash that is due two weeks before the move in date. The fan is broken in the back bedroom (which you can notice in the images) so will deduct $200 from the 6K so $5800. The contents in the attached garage may not be tampered with as this is being used for storage and too small for most small cars to enter regardless.

Used panoramic shots instead of videos because the site won't allow for videos to be uploaded. Sorry for no videos as the the site isn't wanting to be able to upload videos at this moment.


Sink show as is how a normal sink would look

Bar chairs come with rental

 Newly renovated kitchen


Pano shot of main room zoom in as this is the best feature of the household

General shot of HUGE backyard which is huge and extends out approximately 80 feet from back porch and 150 feet North/South. Room for a jacuzzi or inflatable pool on concrete slab in back yard too FYI.


General Shot of garage there may be less or more items in here, but not by much as most of the items have been moved out of here. These may not be tampered with and locked room cannot be entered. There is as a brand new tankless water heater that access is to in the garage.

 The lease (being edited)

Legal Owner, leases the household (not the contents) of 1970 Edson Drive Beaumont, TX to __________ from the date of X to X. The _______ tenant must pay $5800 up front with $1800 security dep. to be returned after the year term of the lease. The tenant is responsible for the upkeep up the appliances and fixtures of the household as well as the AC and general lawn maintenance. The tenant must be out of the household with only normal wear and tear within a year of leasing the premises unless a new lease is negotiated which is preferred.


Tenant ___________


This lease should be printed out and mailed to the address of 1970 Edson if you agree and