10S Economical Soft 100% Cotton Spa or Hotel Towels | Bulk | Textiles Depot Brand

Excellent towels for fraction of the name brand prices for salon owners, hotels, motels, Airbnb's, resorts, gyms, spas or anybody who could use some towels in bulk!
First, we have the 12" x 12" wash cloth that weighs in a 1 lb/dz and comes in 1200 Unit Increments. This and the other items on this page are designed to hold up in an industrial or commercial washing machine. T

Then there is the 10s Soft hand towel which is better than OE because this is softer and more luxurious, lighter and comfier.

Furthermore, have the 5.5 lbs/dz Blended Terry Bath Towel. The terry is a fabric woven with many protruding loops of thread. These allow for excellent absorption which is exactly what you want in a bath towel!

The 6 lb/dz Bath towel is just heavier and larger at 22"x 44" than the previous towel and will have a longer lifespan if being honest. These towels also dry fast which is a perk for commercial use and cost cutting. 

Before this next product is mentioned there are bulk discounts available! We also have a Cadillac in the towel mix which is an 8 lbs/dz Cotton Terry Bath Towel at 24" x 48" this is sure to make a statement. Ideal for nice hotels, spas, motels, gyms. Samples available for purchase on each of these to test out!