Oxford Premium Hotel Towels Heavy 100% Miasma Cotton

The manufacturer proudly touts this hand towel as "flawless," and this has gained popularity online. This towel boasts a Dobby Border and Hem, and is made from 100% Zero Twist Miasma Cotton, featuring loops that are sure to be appreciated by patrons of upscale establishments. The overall appearance and quality serve as testament to the excellence of these towels. Moreover, this fabric is softer than the average hand towel, which is a definite advantage. The Oxford Miasma Towel Collection epitomizes luxury for discerning hoteliers. The towel invites guests to indulge in opulence with towels crafted from 100% Zero Twist Miasma Cotton, offering unmatched softness and absorbency. The Zero Twist technology ensures lasting luxury, rendering these towels a perfect selection for premium hotel settings.

  • Top Notch Hotel Towels
  • Cotton Loops
  • Wash/Dry Before Usage
  • Wash/Hand/Bath/Mat