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    Centium Satin™ sheeting offers the rich hand guests expect. Soft. Smooth. Luxurious. For over seventy years, Standard Textile has served the finest, most exclusive hotels in Europe and the Americas. Guests expect the sheer sensuality of the finest sheets and pillowcases in the wordl. That’s why Centium Satin is the impeccable choice. Centium Satin™ sheeting is based on an innovation of utter comfort: Centium Core Technology®. For Centium Satin, we’ve woven a wealth of premium, long-staple, ring-spun cotton around an ultra-strong, delicately textured microfilament yarn. Centium Core Technology creates a sensuously soft, ultra smooth feel. And the softness increases the more it’s washed: a proprietary microemulsion finish helps Centium Satin products retain an exquisite feel from beginning to end…and that can be quite awhile. Engineered durability is why ultra-premium Centium Satin is among the longest lasting premium sheets.

    • The feel of T-300 Thread Count with 30% More Strength and Durability!
    • 65% Ring Spun Combed Cotton 35% Centium® Core Microfilament Polyester 
    • EZ ID®  Color-coded selvage yarns easily identify sheet sizes
    • Room Ready For You® laundered with Tide®

    This product is delivered clean, fresh, and ready to use right out of the box, bypassing the time, labor, and costs of up-front processing.