Oxford Gold Dobby Hotel Room Towels

The Oxford Gold Dobby Hotel Room Towels boast a distinctive blend of 86% Ringspun Cotton and 14% Polyester, complete with 100% Cotton Loops and a Cam Border. This blend enhances fluid absorption and fortifies the towels, courtesy of the polyester. The collection's popularity stems from the ideal mix of 100% cotton in the loops for fluffiness, with a polyester foundation for durability, offering both a luxurious feel and a sophisticated look. Enjoy the ultimate balance of absorbency and resilience, with cotton in the loops and polyester in the base.

  • Heaviest 35 x 70 Towel is 20.00 LBS/DZ
  • 86% Cotton 14% Ringspun Cotton Blend
  • Cam Border Standard
  • Dobby Border
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