100% Cotton White Hotel Towels Palmetto, Marbella & Highland Pool Towel Collection

These are top notch hotel quality bathroom and/or pool towels. You don't find many fluffly hotel towels that weigh 20-24 pounds per dozen nowadays when people are cutting costs to compete with Airbnb's.  Your guests will love this upscale hotel towels and hopefully not take them with them once they leave the establishment! Suited for bathroom or pool, these towels are first class and some of the nicest towels on the site at a very competitive price point. If you're a hotel and/or purchasing in bulk, please email info@textilesdepot.com!

  • Absorbent
  • High Res Labeled Pictures
  • 100% Ringspun Cotton Composition
  • Palmetto 15 LBS/DZ 
  • Serenade 20 LBS/DZ 
  • Marbella 24 LBS/DZ